E-Puck Robot Control And A Star Navigation

This is a part of a lab I designed for undergraduate students at Vanderbilt University


A common problem in autonomous route planning and controls to implement efficient motor control, sensor feedback, and route planning algorithms to allow a robot to successfully navigate and traverse a line grid maze from a start point to a different destination point in an efficient manner. We present an E-Puck controller that utilized ground sensor feedback to perform a variety of functions; detect nodes (cross-sections), detect lines just past nodes, provideBraitenberg line tracking functionality, and allow for left and right turns on a line grid. In addition, we present an AStar algorithm that is utilized to efficiently solve for a route from a start node to an end node in a line grid maze. Finally, we present tuned parameters for node detection, line just passed node detection, line following, turning logic, and ground sensor threshold parameters resulting in a stable system.

The Webots project is available on GitHub here under an MIT License

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