recessed dryer vent box 2x4 wall

"Under most building codes a single length of flex ducting (limited to about 8-10 feet) is allowed from the metal duct to the dryer outlet and it may not be enclosed in the wall". Retrofit install 350 upside down for pedestal dryer. In our remodel process, we need to vent a dryer up through an interior 2x4 wall, 16 on center, up through the ceiling. Tiled floor HomeStar Video Tours Mid-sized transitional home design photo in Portland We could put white tension or a fixed rod or 2 across the bottom of the shelves which you could hang things over or … May 29, 2014 - A simple innovative space saving metal receptacle that installs in the wall behind the dryer. I would look at small bicycle wheels instead. 4" Dryer Vent Aluminun Venting Duct 90 McCombs Sup . We probably should have taken the time to come up with a more creative solution but we didn't, and you can see that the 8 foot ceiling is only over part of the kitchen. Think of the energy (and lives) we'd save by banning them! To the OP: IRC Code advises that the vent should not be more than 25' from the appliance and that any 90 degree bend reduces that length by 5 feet. I would run this by a reputable hvac outfit in your area. And like any other code provision the installation instructions that came with the equipment tale precedence. There are several models of recessed dryer vents available. This recessed dryer box added several inches of depth to the laundry room because we can place our dryer closer to the wall. Jun 7, 2015 - How to install a Dryerbox to safely vent your dryer and save space in your laundry room. We thought we would be able to start the 8 foot kitchen ceiling over the back of the couch (the architect and I had actually discussed this before). Does anyone know what we need to transition from the 4" round dryer exhaust, via the 2x4 wall? Here is a link that might be useful: ASHRAE Calculations. A 4 inch plumbing stack with the required cleanout requires 5.25 inches of stud depth. away in order to accommodate the dryer duct. When using this product lint build-up is minimized due to the limited kinks and bends. The box also completely protects the duct from being crushed. It doesn't have to be a deal breaker! Simply screwing 2 pieces of wood together will not suffice. Home Decor Styles. Shop dryer vent boxes and a variety of building supplies products online at Also, be sure all your connections are very strong as they will take a beating. It would be fine if you normally used a clothesline but wanted a backup for occasional use...that's how my husband's sister uses hers (got to love great British rainy/damp weather!) Almost gone Free shipping. It can be done on an inside wall going having the duct work (made specially for going between 2x4 framing) going up through the wall on up to a roof exist point or some other outside surface. One of the other casualties of the idiocy of up or down venting is the dryer itself. The Metal Recessed Dryer Vent Box allows the dryer to be pushed up against the wall of the laundry room instead of having to be positioned 5 in. I didn't double check them as I am a trusting sort. Tell us about the installation, any tips and techniques, what you liked about the product, and what improvements you'd like to see. dryer vent go inside an interior wall. If you have a basement, the duct work can be run down (with properly rated fan) to an exist point. The windows all together just didn't feel right as I was standing in the space. For the purposes of the OP the DryerBox product (which I merely point out as a solution to a design challenge) will allow venting though a 2x4 wall and if they need to make a 90 degree turn that swept ell might provide a solution. Are you in Vancouver BC? If you're needing a Dryer Vent box for * Designed for upward exhaust direction * 22 gauge aluminized steel weighing 4.03 pounds each * Top port measures 4 7/8" x 3 1/8" oval shape * Distance from nailing flange to rear of box is 3 1/2" * Overall measurements: 21" h x 12 1/2" w x 4 3/8" deep * Designed for a 2x4 wall. Generally, above vents are located on exterior walls and the duct work and exit vents are therefore easy to install. And that's on a straight run out the first floor. The dryer capacity is quite limited and not very energy efficient either. Recessed Vent Box. I need to go approx 8' high to get above the concrete to vent out. Our Recessed Dryer Vent Box install instructions indicate that the round in-wall duct should be placed over the oval dryer box port. Or, consider putting the cabinet next to the dryer on hidden wheels so you can slide it out like a fridge to access the back of the laundry units. The run they have planned is way too long running up and lint will most likely collect at the elbow in the attic as there wont be enough pressure from the dryer to push it up and out. DOWNWARD DRYERBOX 2X4 WALL. I did find a thread that showed how much lint was pulled out of a simple direct to the exterior vent. Think about it! One Model 350 Dryerbox ® - 22 Ga. metal deep drawn recessed dryer vent box with gas port, measures 3 1/2 inches deep from nailing flange. Dundas Jafine's Recessed Dryer Vent Box allows the dryer to be pushed up against the wall of the laundry room, saving space. I might be an interior designer's worst nightmare. Try the Dryerbox Model 350. Description. The above picture is the 16 foot bump out wall. If you look at the item I posted (DryerBox) it significantly helps with the squashed flex line problem. Standard placement simplifies installation, while a uniform corner design allows for venting the recessed connection up or down. These stories are unsolicited and not edited. As the poster above points out, it won't fit. The windows are just framed at this point, they could easily be moved back in place. Above are the first and second floor plans. Laundry rooms should be located on an exterior wall where the ventilation can be directly out that wall with the shortest possible vent. Something through the roof would have 10 times as much possible lint accumulation. Are there NGO's that might be of assistance? Does anyone know what we need to transition from the 4" round dryer exhaust, via the 2x4 wall? The dryer vent is installed in the wall and allows the dryer duct to stand straight within the wall, not bent in several places. It is a VERY BAD DESIGN to try to vent them upwards through a roof, or downwards through a slab. The laundry room also now has a 4 foot concrete sink in front of the windows with washer on left and dryer on right, so ignore the very cramped laundry room the way it's drawn. It is a VERY BAD DESIGN to try to vent them upwards through a roof, or downwards through a slab. My experience with them is the washer is fine, but the dryer is marginally usable. Oh, another decision we made during the framing was that the entry hallway view to the start of the staircase was way too cool to close in...hence the X that I drew on the first floor plans. SHEET METAL > DUCT WORK ACCESSORIES > DOWNWARD DRYERBOX 2X4 WALL . $28.49. Retrofit of a new construction Model 425. Under most building codes a single length of flex ducting (limited to about 8-10 feet) is allowed from the metal duct to the dryer outlet and it may not be enclosed in the wall. A Dryer Wall Box and Exterior Vent A dryer vent with a cleaner, more professional finish in the interior and an attractive vented exterior. Longer runs with turns should be cleaned out more often than that. 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