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Going to order bulk again cause the folks at my mothers nursing home LOVE Them!!!!!!!! Now at age 73 I make it for the younger folks to let them know how it used to be. Virginia Peanuts are one of 4 types of peanuts grown in the U.S. - primarily in Virginia and the Carolinas - and are the largest kernel size of all. Nutrition & Ingredients Serving Size 28 GR . What we end with are the same super extra-large salted peanuts but with a completely different taste experience. Fan favorite, 5 lbs. Great Product and Great Service. The northeast can bring some very bad conditions for the critters; your peanuts have kept these guys/girls pretty chubby both in the late fall and through the winter. Discover (and save!) Great service, great price, great peanuts!!!! Remember that unsalted peanuts make a perfect snack and the best place to get unsalted, salted, and coated peanuts online is from Aunt Ruby's. Where in Florida can I drive to and buy GREEN peanuts? These peanuts complement my daily diet of 3 - 5 different nuts, served with fruit, or with out other food, as a snack. Apply now to become a Nut Grocer Business customer. GREAT PEANUTS! I bookmarked their page and will most definitely be shopping agtain there soon. I was sooo excited to find your website! Owner Response: Sorry to hear you had an issue with the peanuts. Please note, if purchasing a whole bushel, product will be packaged and shipped as (2) 1/2 bushels. Fiedler Farms Peanuts. And super fast shipping!!! Offering a large selection of Bulk Peanuts. Love, love, love your peanuts. The quickest and best service and prices are great. Bertie's are the best. We'll be in touch regarding our 100% guarantee. Price: from $5.50. We order online and afew days later they arrive. Thank you for a great product! Every time I found a halfway fair price, the shipping costs were outrageous. They have certainly perfected the art! Receive within a couple of days and in great condition. Thank you for a quality product. Love the raw red skin peanuts, I roast them in oil and then salt them, very addicting!! Peanut Squares. Nice product! FREE shipping on all orders over $50. All Rights Reserved. The quality of the peanuts is outstanding. Copyright 2021 © Hampton Farms. Store in a cool, dry place. Great job, thanks and I'll be back. I order the raw peanuts in bulk and roast them in batches. We buy 200 lbs a year. According to the Mayo Clinic eating 1.5 ounces of nuts, including peanuts help. Join the discussion today. Shipping charges are not included in the product pricing. Buy and Save on Bulk Peanuts at Wholesale Prices. THEY WERE A BIG HIT. Best value on net, quick service, completely satisfied. Packing peanuts allow you to safely fit an item into a shipping container without additional space … Surprised that the peanuts were not secured in a wrapper-just loose. Product is great as usual. We usually have a few people over on Friday evenings for a few beers so i decided to add these peanuts since we are in a building with a concrete floor, we just sweep up the next day. Bertie County peanuts are our only source of green peanuts. My purchase was was very pleasing. The only surprise was that they didn't come in a sack. Raw nuts are uncooked and roasted nuts have been roasted in an oven. High quality peanuts delivered in under 48 hours. I say once again Bertie you have done yourself proud, I just love ordering from you. My wife likes to feed the squirrels and ducks that come around. Product is very good and the shipping timely. I truly enjoy the peanuts. Delivery was quick, right after the Thanksgiving holiday. Our brother Tony Purvis of Williamston gave us your information and we've been loyal customers since the. great product, great price and great delivery times. I purchase in bulk and the peanuts are packed into a box that weighs 25 pounds. I use them for breakfast shakes. They were less expensive than any other place I could find. I liked your peanuts a lot and did another order for 30lbs bulk. Had one issue in last 10 years. thanks. bags multiple times and plan to continue. Nor do we attempt to make money on shipping. If they are still crunchy, you will need to cook them longer. Even my local squirrels are delighted when they get some! It came in a box, no bag. Whether described as artisanal, home cooked, blister fried, water blanched or just wonderful, you will love Hubs Virginia peanuts. Thank you for a great products and all the work that goes into producing them! I ordered a 30# bulk peanut butter stock and received the order very fast and are some of the freshest peanuts I have had! Buy peanuts online at Healthy Supplies. With our competitive prices, you can keep your margins high. Owner Response: We agree 100%! With Planters Extra Large Virginia Peanuts, there are 52, one-ounce servings per container. I continue to do business with Bertie County Peanuts. The price is the best on the net! Uline stocks a wide selection of styrofoam packing peanuts in bulk. Better than any peanuts I have found in any store. 12 locations across USA, Canada and Mexico for fast delivery of shipping peanuts. Shipping charges are not included in the product pricing. New! The warehouse’s tin of Kirkland Virginia Peanuts is a robust 40 ounces, and costs only $6.69. Peanuts, Canola, Peanut and/or Soybean Oil, Salt. I give these to local wildlife. There is nothing like peanuts from Bertie County! A great company. Excellent as usual. Buy peanuts from Nuts.com for unbeatable quality & freshness. Amount Per Serving. The box arrived quickly. The chocolate covered, blister fried and honey roasted were not good at all, tasteless and stale. We received a 25lb bag of roasted peanuts for our backyard birds. Last night, I roasted the JUMBO fresh shelled peanuts. Clean, 1st quality jumbo peanuts for a good price. Planters Pop & Pour Dry Roasted Peanuts, 7 oz Jar. ... PLANTERS Extra Large Virginia Peanuts 52 oz Can. Products. I will be purchasing from you again. They are roasted and salted just right. My husband is from Georgia and grew up on "real" peanuts. They love 'em. Offering a large selection of Bulk Peanuts. Very happy with my purchase, thanks guys! Choose from Characters, Comic Strips, Community, Film and TV, Museum and Kids. I buy every year because they get here fast and are wonderful in my homemade peanut brittle. Everyone committed on how fresh and great tasting these nuts were. Also, fewer trips to a grocery store as these come in a 25 lb. This was my 1st order from Bertie and am very satisfied. Directions: Pour the raw peanuts and salt into a large pot over the stovetop. IT WOULD BE NICE IF THE BULK PURCHASE WOULD HAVE BEEN PUT IN ONE LARGE PLASTIC BAG. The 30 pounds of peanuts usually last a year. Weaver Nut is your go-to peanut supplier. Thank You Bertie! Packaged in a reusable vacuum sealed tin, you will want to buy Hubs by the case and have them on hand for any unexpected occasion. These peanuts are simply the best. I have trouble finding raw peanuts. You're the best. Not only excellent product but also a Customer Service team that is always readily available and ready to assist with your purchasing needs. Clarksville, Tn. The questions are broken down into 3 categories which include general, logistics, and rental opportunities, and let's get started! You can save money and time by purchasing nuts online and in bulk and mixing up a large batch of trail mix or baking a supply of granola bars for the week. America's Best Nut Company offers a variety of gourmet peanuts made from only the finest Virginia-Type peanuts. I love this company. Dec 6, 2018 | By Larry Belton. Very high quality, make them for folks at my moms assited living. Highly recommended. I will freeze what I do not use this year and use it for next year and will order more as needed. Product (bulk raw peanuts) was fresh and great quality. Good advice on boiling them on your website. Arrived sooner than I expected, nice clean peaunts. Some broken, we love the taste, freshness, aroma! Jumbo sized nuts that my squirrels love! We also bought the Weeping Mary's Ghost Pepper nuts, both chocolate covered and regular and they were even delicious, but VERY hot. I've ben buying the 30# Virginia Jumbo for years, they are always great! We have been ordering from Bertie for several years and they are always just what we expected. Cheap Prices on all Bulk Nuts, Bulk Candy & Bulk Chocolate. This was our first time ordering Peanuts from Bertie County & we were impressed! BUY NOW. BUT if you are a Costco member, get ready for a treat and a bargain. They're fresh & rich-tasting. The peanuts have kept the critters fed through two harsh winters whereas without the supplemental peanuts they would never have been able to dig through 4' of snow. Product Options . Very happy! Peanuts should have plastic inside the box. Bertie peanuts are the best and the most reasonably priced of any others. They have told me they like your peanuts; well it seems as they have communicated this as they wait for a hand-out every day. Safety Warning: Please remember small children can choke on nuts. We will reorder again in the future. Striped peanuts like this are typically found in Ecuador. Is that good or not... thanks, Excellent for boiled peanuts - ordering process was easy and arrived as scheduled. Extra Large Redskins. The best peanuts since I left Bear Grass (Martin County) in 2000. Can,t wait to order some of there specialty nuts in the near future. Allergen Alert: This product is manufactured on equipment that processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat, egg, and soy ingredients. Peanut Plush Doll quantity. The raw peanuts which were purchased are excellent quality and very good value. In addition, we are committed to the prompt delivery of quality, fresh products with unparalleled customer service. Have wholesale Peanuts enquiries for your business? We have used your peanuts for making peanut brittle for many years. Although I'm in the heart of SC peanut country, I always order from Bertie County Peanuts because of the quality and price.The jumbo peanuts are certainly as big as you can get and very clean.I save money even counting shipping with the bulk buy compared to local prices. They come shelled and unsalted. Pinterest. An excellent company I have been dealing with on a regular basis for the last couple of years. The raw peanuts, after roasting, make a great peanut butter. I have made peanutbutter from scratch for awhile. They all enjoy the great flavor of the jumbo Virginia peanuts as a pick me up during the day. Nuts almost falling out of box. Discovering Bertie County Peanuts has made my shopping easier since the peanuts are delivered to my door; and raw peanuts are much better for the birds and critters. America's Best Nut Co. offers a large selection of gourmet extra large Virginia peanuts from salted to unsalted to honey roasted! This is a great product. Oct 13, 2014 | By Linda Boone. Love the nuts but I was expecting a little more in the package and then just nuts put in a box loose but then again it is described as bulk.I was picturing them coming in one of the little barrels that was in one of the pictures on your website or basket maybe it was either way we are very happy with the product and we will be returning customers. Thanks for a great product every time I order! Bertie County Peanuts knows how to treat a nut. I an a regular customer buying bulk peanuts. Thanks! I ordered 30 lbs of peanuts and they came right away. My husband loves fresh roasted peanuts. My customers love them!! We thank you and our squirrels thank you. I love them cause my customers eat them. They seem over roasted. This is my go-to shop for stuff I miss from the UK. It’s the off season & I can’t locate anywhere (even online)! You should be able to find it in most large supermarkets, especially in Tesco, if not then definitely in Marks & Spencers and (if you’re in Prague) in Iceland. The local peanuts were terribly expensive so I searched the Internet and found Bertie County Peanuts. Roasted in peanut oil and finished with sea salt, this select canister of peanuts takes snacking to an optimal level of deliciousness. Thank you Bertie County Peanuts! The critters love the raw peanutsm and the rest of us love the roasted peanuts. Planters Pop & Pour Whole Cashews, 6.5 oz Jar. We keep these in our office for guest all season long. They are enjoying them.....said they were the biggest peanuts they had ever had. Serving Per Container About 0.0. I am so glad I found you on the internet. Only at the C.J. Only reason gave 4 stars was due to poor packaging. The previous order had damage to the container but the peanuts were great which is why i continue to order from Bertie. We'll be in touch. Hampton cost $49.75 for 25 pounds $1.99 Lb with less empty shells and overcooked brown peanuts. In Stock. This item, like all the others which I order from time to time, has excellent quality of product and preparation. They are terrific and the customer service is great! Will definitely buy from you again! Let the water boil for one hour, up to three hours. They buy more Beer!! I love that I have the option to roast my own peanuts from raw! Larger and more flavorful than those from other states. ). Best peanuts bar none! Bertie County Peanuts provides unusually efficient customer/order service, and the quality of their peanuts exceeds expectations. Serve them in a bowl for hors d'oeuvres at a party or event, or bag them to sell at your carnival cart or concession stand. I have ordered from them several times now. Discovering Bertie County Peanuts has made my shopping easier since the peanuts are delivered to my door; and raw peanuts are much better for the birds and critters. The two pound size came in a cute gunney sack, nice gift idea. The arrive when promised and have a good price for the product. ‎The Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast is hosted by Travis Sherry, a serial entrepreneur and world traveler. I feed them to birds and squirrels and appreciate that they're available in bulk and delivered to my door. I keep them in the garage fridge and roast a panful at a time. Shop for your Packing Peanuts at Office Depot & OfficeMax today. Southern Grove Blistered Extra Large Peanuts. All is delicious! These nuts are Great! BUY NOW. Hardly any broken shells and a very nice size. Be the first to know about new products, savings, giveaways, and more. My squirrels are happy. 1 Size. There are 170 calories per ounce with 130 calories from fat. While Virginia peanuts can be a bit pricier than some more common types of peanuts, I think these are worth every penny. Peanuts are also widely used in Asian cooking, stir fries and curries. Just what I wanted. Unshelled peanuts stored in a pantry should last for one to two months, while peanuts without shells can go bad within a few weeks. This is a terrific buy! Bertie's peanuts are both delicious and a good value. Just wish I could get a little better price. we have 400 employees and the company sponsors a lunch on opening day. FREE shipping on all orders over $50. Shells have no affect on how long you can store refrigerated peanuts. These super extra-large Virginia peanuts have awesome crunchiness and flavor. YUM!!!! I love Bertie County peanuts,great prices and fast delivery. Surprised they were not in a bag inside the box. It's the least expensive quality and quantity to feed them. quality of nuts always superb!!! These peanuts boil down perfectly! I complained one time about product and it was replace. The problem was the grade and quality of the peanuts. Boiled up around 5lbs the moment they arrived. Welcome to Hardy Farms We take pride in the quality of our peanuts and love passing such a great product on to you. He is a LIFELONG peanut eater and he has classified these as the best he's ever had. High quality products and speedy processing. This was my first purchase. ), Extra Large Raw Blanched Peanuts (30 lbs. I am disapointed About quality condition and size of peanuts. Owner Response: Sorry to hear that you don't like our products. The only thing is the taste is somewhat weak, and I attribute that to the time of the year I ordered them. About half of these go into making peanut butter and the other half get eaten one way or another. Call 252.454.0900 CART. $35.99. I recently decided to buy my peanuts in bulk and found Bertie Co Peanuts. When you open the bag it smells like fresh peanut butter. Hampton Farms peanuts are available in the produce section at many fine retailers. peanuts. It's great for the customer and family since 2006. If they are soft, they are finished. These are the best nuts and the best buy. BUY NOW. Healthy snack foods start with high-quality peanuts, and that is just what you get from Aunt Ruby's. Funny thing is now their peanut butter now taste like peanuts and not oil. I used to buy large bags of roasted, salted peanuts in the shell from the local grocery store. The shipping is great. Peanut butters made for humans can be good for dogs, too—just look for natural or homemade varieties with no sugar or salt added, and take extra care to ensure they don’t contain xylitol, which is highly toxic for dogs. The bulk raw peanuts are a great deal for those who love peanuts and want to save money. They LOVE Bertie Peanuts! I have had these bulk nuts sent to relatives twice now and they continue to rave about freshness, taste, etc. I used to buy large bags of roasted, salted peanuts in the shell from the local grocery store. Once opened, consume within 7 days. I have ordered this excellent products for years, and I am always happy with the product quality, the price, and the very fast delivery!

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